Make your shipping boxes unique with holographic packaging!

Holography packaging is a striking technique that adds 3D effects and images to your boxes. During packaging, holographic effects are added to the shipping boxes. Holographic packaging is made with the help of embossed fabrics and materials. In some cases, unique inks and printing techniques are also used to make the box innovative.

Advances in manufacturing technology and film coating allow us to create holographic materials for holographic packaging. See the eye-catching visual effects the holographic look gives to your bags.

These holographic images serve as tools to differentiate brands, regulatory compliance, and anti-counterfeit efforts. Holographic prints and patterns are embossed onto the aluminum surface with a 3D appearance. There are a variety of different methods to add designs with special inks, substrates, and other methods.

Why Choose Holographic Packaging?

One of the trends in the industry, holographic packaging is a creative solution for packaging and shipping boxes. Prime Line Packaging provides a unique, glamorous look to your packages by adding vibrant, flashy holographic foil. Our holographic packaging provides a glow and reflection to your holographic shipping boxes.

The creative packaging solution enhances the chances of visibility when your products are displayed on the shelves. Customers are more likely to pick holographic packaging boxes when they’re making a purchase. Holographic shipping boxes help you stand out from other brands in the area.

You can further customize the bags or boxes with environmentally-friendly packaging options. At Prime Line Packaging, holographic shipping and packaging boxes are offered at fair prices with a premium look. We offer premium quality pricing, free design support, competitive pricing options, quick turnaround, no die or plate charges, customized styles, and many sizes.

Why Choose Prime Line Packaging For Holographic Packaging?

Prime Line Packaging understands the ins and outs of printing and packaging techniques. Our team of highly skilled designers, color experts, and content creators have solid roots in aesthetics and quality. We have the vision to create unique packaging for your needs.

To meet your requirements, we execute the process in an efficient manner to craft your customized packaging. Our high-quality customer service team is standing by to help you. Check out how else we can help you:

  • Creative ideas by our design team
  • Customized print information with the best of inks guaranteed to last longer
  • High-tech equipment and machinery
  • Supreme quality packaging solutions that are cost-effective and reliable
  • No restrictions on minimum orders
  • Unlimited innovative designs for your brand
  • Quicker turnaround time for your packaging requirements

We promise you high-quality holographic shipping boxes and offset printing sets to strengthen your brand image.

Add a unique charm to your customized holographic packaging boxes with Prime Line Packaging!