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Sisters in Sourcing with Vipac Packaging

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Prime Line Packaging is proud to be a 3rd generation family-owned business, alongside our sister company, Vipac. Vipac is the global leader in vinyl packaging for the past 65 years. And together, we meet any business’ packaging needs: vinyl, paper, or plastic.

Vipac offers our customers the advantage of world-wide sourcing, quality vinyl packaging, and true variety. Vipac specializes in custom vinyl packaging including: accessory bags, comforter bags, pillow bags, garment bags, cosmetic bags, drawstring bags, zippered and specialty bags. Vipac has been offering a wide variety of custom vinyl packaging, bags, and totes, for over 65 years. They revolutionized the home goods market by crafting the first blanket bag and moved onto other vinyl home décor packaging including; pillow bags, sheet set bags, comforter bags, shower curtains and packaging, and drapery bags. There are many advantages of vinyl packaging.

Over the years, they have added capabilities to meet the needs of their customer through highly creative design concepts, innovative display packaging, and custom printing. Vipac provides vinyl packaging to several nationally-known retailers, such as JC Penney, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and Macy’s. It was because of these premium retailers that Vipac was awarded the Cal Safety Compliance Corporation (CSCC) certification.

The certification process was requested by Kmart’s Martha Stewart Everyday program. An unannounced inspection of Vipac’s Shenzhen, China manufacturing facility studied everything from child labor standards and wages to working conditions and safety requirements. The CSCC is the highest worldwide award presented to manufacturers who exceed basic international labor practices and standards.

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