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Handle Your Shopping Bags With Care

handle with care

handle with care

If you want a way upgrade the handle on your bags, but don’t want to add much more to the cost, a simple solution is to switch the handle! There are a variety of common handles you can use in your packaging in order to achieve any look.

No matter what your brand conveys, there is a style right for you! For upscale packaging, ribbon handles can add an elegant touch. When you want to have an earthy vibe to your bags, add handles made from natural materials, such as cotton rope. And if you’re trying to cater to the young adult demographic, drawstring bags are youthful and very trendy. There are unlimited variations of handles, that will fit any look or personality!

While unique shopping bag handles are a small part of the bag, it doesn’t mean that they are excluded from customization options. There are so many ways you can embellish standard handles! They can be custom printed, dyed, stitched, grommetted and treated in a variety of other ways!

If you are unsure of what handle is most appropriate for your project, or you want to give it a little extra pizazz but don’t know how, just ask us to help and we’ll be sure to handle you with care!

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