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Create Jewelry Boxes as Beautiful as its Contents

jewelry boxes

jewelry boxes

A great packaging item that should be implemented more in stores are jewelry boxes. These boxes can keep the goods protected all while creating a visually appealing display for the merchandise. Jewelry is beautiful and helps to embellish ones look; therefore, when branding jewelry boxes, the outside should be just as inviting as the contents.

Jewelry boxes can have many customizable features as well as custom jewelry inserts that can fit your brand. They can have velvet flocking, pre-tied bows, special inserts, embossing, hot stamping, magnetic closures, and die cuts as well as being made into any shape or size. There is no single design for the box itself. It can be all one single piece that folds down, or it can have a removable lid, and there are several varieties of these options.

These boxes for Rent the Runway are a great example of a product that would get a customer’s attention. Elegantly hot stamped and made of embossed paper, they have a look that would be suitable for any high end retailer. These boxes also fit perfectly into the packaging trends of 2015.The inside of these boxes have a custom insert to keep jewelry firmly in place, without rattling around, and displays the jewelry prominently. These are presented to a customer like a gift, and the exquisite design makes the contents pop. This will make your jewelry packaging a real gem.

Packaging should enhance the product its meant for. Please contact Prime Line Packaging if you want to create customized jewelry boxes fit for your luxurious products.

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